Do you think long tones are boring ? Improve your saxophone tone with a fun app!

Sax-O-Meter helps you stay motivated in the shed:

  • Visualize your sound in real-time. Is your sound bright ? Is your timbre close to that of John Coltrane ? (oh lucky you)
  • Rate your sound with numerous characteristics. This way you can also compare mouthpieces.
  • Work on your embouchure and see how it changes your sound. See how a very subtle change in your jaw placement changes your tone qualities.
  • Play a game ! Try to emulate the sound of the best players in history. Select your hero, blow the requested note and try to get the best score.
  • Is there a tuner ? Of course there is one ! You can even visualize your tuning stability from the beginning to the end of a long tone.

Who can use Sax-O-Meter ?

  • Any saxophone player who wants to improve his/her sound (and who doesn’t ?). From beginners struggling to set their tone foundation to professionals working on very specific aspects of their sound.
  • You can use it with any of the four main saxophones: Baritone, Tenor, Alto and Soprano.

What Sax-O-Meter is NOT:

  • It will not replace your ears. Your ears will always be your best coach.
  • It will not do the work for you. If you want a magical shortcut to get the sound of Dexter Gordon without any work, then Sax-O-Meter cannot do anything for you!

Don’t know where to start ?

  • Refer to the Tone Exercises page to get examples on how to use the app to improve your tone.

How does it work

Take a look at our demonstration video:


Tone Exercises


For now, the application is only available for Android 5.0 and higher:

Get It On Google Play


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