Do you think long tones are boring ? Improve your saxophone tone with a fun app!

Sax-O-Meter helps you stay motivated in the shed:

  • Visualize your sound in real-time. How bright is your sound? Is your timbre close to that of John Coltrane ? (are you sure?)
  • Rate your sound according to a range of characteristics. This way you can also compare mouthpieces.
  • Work on your embouchure and see how it changes your sound. See how a very subtle change in your jaw placement changes your tone qualities.
  • Play a game ! Try to emulate the sound of the best players in history. Select your hero, blow the requested note and try to get the best score.
  • Is there a tuner ? Of course there is ! You can even visualize your tuning stability from the beginning to the end of a long tone.
  • To help you in your daily routines, you’ll also find a metronome, a recorder and drone.

Who can use Sax-O-Meter ?

  • Any saxophone player who wants to improve his/her sound (and who doesn’t ?). From beginners struggling to set their tone foundation to professionals working on very specific aspects of their sound.
  • You can use it with any of the four main saxophones: Baritone, Tenor, Alto and Soprano.

What Sax-O-Meter is NOT:

  • It will not replace your ears. Your ears will always be your best coach.
  • It will not do the work for you. If you want a magical shortcut to get the sound of Dexter Gordon without any work, then Sax-O-Meter cannot do anything for you!

Don’t know where to start ?

  • Refer to the Tone Exercises page to get examples on how to use the app to improve your tone.

How does it work

Work on your long tones.

How does it work: long tones

How does it work: pitch stability

Work on your pitch stability during a long tone.

Visualize your tone.

How does it work: tone visualizer

How does it work: Coltrane-O-Meter

Play the Coltrane-O-Meter game.

Use the drone for ear training: intervals, colors, etc.

Record your sessions to see your improvements.

Play with a metronome.

How does it work: tools

How does it work: compare mouthpieces

Compare mouthpieces.

Work on your embouchure.

How does it work: embouchure work

Tone Exercises


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