Sampled sounds for the Coltrane-O-Meter game


James Carter G1: from Round Midnight in The Real Quiet Storm, 1995.

Ronnie Cuber D1: from Moanin’ in Mingus Big Band 93, 1993.



John Coltrane C3: from I Want to Talk About You in Afro Blue, 1963.

Dexter Gordon B2: from A Night In Tunisia in Our Man In Paris, 1963.

Michal Brecker C#3: from Paumalu in Kimo Williams‘ album Place Tracking, 2001.

Claude Delangle G2: from Episode Quatrième in The Solitary Saxophone, 1993.

Coleman Hawkins E♭2: from Picasso in Picasso, 1948.

Sonny Rollins F#2: from Soloscope, Part 1 in The Solo Album, 1985.



Charlie Parker B2: from A Night In Tunisia in Charlie Parker Septet, 1946.

John Zorn D3: from Part 1 in The Classic Guide to Strategy, 1996.

Claude Delangle C3: from Sequenza IXb in The Solitary Saxophone, 1993.

Kenny Garrett C3: from Cherokee in Live at Whitworth College, 2008.

Steve Coleman C#2: from Invisible Paths in Invisible Paths: First Scattering, 2007.

Maceo Parker F2: from Splashin’ in Southern Exposure, 1993.



Steve Lacy C2: from Wasted in Paris 1982, 1982.

Dave Liebman F#2: from Roots in The Tree, 1991.